Current Clients

  • Vivotek
    VIVOTEK, Inc.:
    A worldwide leader in security surveillance solutions.
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    Oracle Lights
    Oracle Lighting:
    High quality and innovative lighting products for automotive, powersports, motorcycle, and marine markets.
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    Boss Audio
    Boss Audio:
    High performance audio & video equipment for mobile, marine, and powersports.
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  • Planet Audio
    Planet Audio:
    Audio & video equipment and accessories for mobile, marine, and powersports vehicles.
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    Wireless portable speakers for every lifestyle..
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    Sound Storm Laboratories
    Sound Storm Laboratories:
    Audio & video equipment and accessories for mobile, marine, and powersports vehicles.
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  • Global Zendustry
    Global Zendustry:
    Organizational, product, marketing, merchandising, business and sales.
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    Dillinger Labs
    Dillinger Labs:
    High performance wireless speakers and headphones.
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    SSV Works
    SSV Works:
    SSV Works is a leading provider of off-road audio systems and accessories.
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  • 64 Audio
    64 Audio:
    High quality in-ear monitors and universal fit earphones for audiophiles.
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    Eleven Engineering
    Eleven Engineering:
    Microprocessors for wireless Home Theater, Multi-Room, Karaoke, iPod, and Pro Audio.
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    Severtson Screens
    Severtson Screens:
    Maker of residential, commercial and cinema movie screens.
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  • Current Marketing:
    Manufacturer representative for professional and home audio brands.
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    Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences
    Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences:
    Recording and music production school in Gilbert, Arizona.
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    Video Mount Products
    Video Mount Products (VMP):
    Video mounting solutions for video, audio and security.
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  • Cogent Audio Labs
    Cogent Audio Labs:
    Home and mobile audio testing laboratory in Mesa, AZ.
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    Platinum Tools
    Platinum Tools:
    High quality tools for wire and cable installation.
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